Email List Building and Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Do you find yourself wondering what it’s all about: building your brand, building your list, and getting contacts into your marketing funnel to move your business along to online marketing success?

You hear about spam (unsolicited commercial email) and terms like bounce rates, open rates, and content marketing. It seems that implementing an email marketing strategy for your business is very complicated, confusing, and overwhelming.

Finally, I paid for guidance and mentoring – I got myself a business coach to help me implement some strategies, a few of which I am going to cover and this is what made a difference in my email marketing results.

Email marketing is necessary in growing your business in the world of Internet business because it offers open, conversational, and interactive communications, above and beyond direct mail. Yet, it is a bit like calling a client, in that it is personal, relevant, and value-added. Your emails speak right to your target market and can help you attract new customers and prospects to your list with just one or two clicks of a mouse. This is where it might differ from calling a client. If you know what you are doing with email marketing, it is much easier to build your list through relationship marketing than calling and direct mail, alone.

I know that the idea of email marketing and consistently having to develop new, fresh, valuable content can be intimidating, but I have to tell you that it really is simple.

Keep your subscribers coming back for more.

  1. Use your opt-in box or page and offer them an ecourse. Offer them a special report. On my own blog I offer both, a special free report and an Email Marketing List & Tips Mini-Course.
  2. And, of course – always put the title of what they requested, or what you promised, in your subject line – remembering that a great headline will prompt them to read your email now, instead of later – when they might forget about you.
  3. It’s one thing for folks to join your newsletter list or request your ecourse, it’s another thing for them to actually read your mailings. One way is to highlight important points in your email. EX: at the top of your newsletter or email – first thing they see when they open the email – is a teaser of what is to come: – In today’s issue I’m going to share with you the one thing that I always do to train my dog to ‘smile’ anytime I ask him to. It works every time and I’m excited about you trying this one trick for yourself. (I actually did train my dog to smile.)

If you continue to provide valuable content and give back to your clients who purchased from you, you will start seeing your list grow. You might give a link to a client’s website with a success story of your most recent work with them.

And, remember, adding a little personal information in your emails is a fabulous part of building relationships in your email list building efforts.

Don’t let your list of possible customers grow cold and your competition swoop up your efforts. Add an email marketing list-building project to your goals – just remember you will need to put this at the top of your list of ‘things to do’ and commit to the goal of providing real value in each message.

Build Your Online Business And Do It From The Comfort of Your Home

Building your online internet business is not a get rich quick scheme. Of course, there are numerous ads that pop up promising instant riches, but don’t believe them. However, a substantial income can be realized from the internet. You just have to work at it. Like any business, it does take work. And the work required is study, practice and implementation.

The good news is there are several first-rate training programs available. These programs will guide you through what, at first, may seem like a maze. But. like any maze, there is a route to successfully reach the goal.

Here are a few of the skills needed to make it through the maze:

Find a market that you know something about and enjoy. Markets that have proven successful for many folks in internet marketing include;



Personal Relationships.

Stay focused and don’t get sidetracked as you build your knowledge and skills. Don’t fall for all the “opportunities” that pop up as you work the web. Stay on the path you’re following to achieve your goals.

Within the market you’d like to pursue, find a niche. A niche is a specific sub section of a market. An example of a niche within the health market, might be “How to loose weight and look great at the beach.” Or, a niche in the Personal Relationship market might be, “How to have your son to want to make his bed.”

Do research and find an online course that will guide you through the internet maze to financial success. Using a search engine, see what users say about some of the training courses you’ve uncovered.

The internet is a vast source of information, greater than any of the world’s libraries. And within that vast array of knowledge and information, there are many excellent programs available for free. Such programs as html editors for creating a web page, file transfer protocols for uploading onto the web and photo resizing programs are available for little or no out of pocket expense.

The World Wide Web is huge and boundless. Learn what you can and jump in…it’s a money pit if you learn and apply what you learn.

MLM Leads And Marketing Systems – Are They More Important Than The Product?

When you join an online business to make money or MLM opportunity that offers great products like high orac score antioxidant berry juices, weight loss powders and other amazing products, this does not guarantee you’ll make any money with them.

See, for 99% of the good intentioned people that enter into an MLM opportunity or join an online business to make money, the products aren’t how most people will make their money. The systems designed to sell the opportunity and the products is how people will make money. Don’t misunderstand, great products are essential, but people want a way to sell them the most.

The problem with the product first approach is that the person sharing has to have great people skills, they must love selling, they must like to answer objections and questions and a myriad of other things. This is not going to work for the majority of people that enter into an online business to make money, because it’s a known fact that people don’t like to sell.

The best work at home business whether MLM or otherwise is going to be one that has a semi automated system that is designed to do the majority of work for people. A system that works the same way each time regardless of who it’s working for.

Duplication is the only way sales or downline organizations will grow and this is a fact. In case you haven’t noticed lately there seems to be more and more systems popping up to help people that are looking for an online business to make money. You’ve got systems that extract leads off the Internet, you’ve got systems that use postcards and more.

People are finally realizing that the key to their success is to make an opportunity drop dead simple for anyone to make money. Think of it like this, the only way a factory will work to churn out thousands of products the same way day in and day out is to have a system. Each one of their employees must be trained and be on the same page or things will break down.

The same things are relevant to an online business or MLM opportunity. This is why so many people go hopping from one opportunity to the next. They have no direction or game plan and they are walking around lost. The person they join will typically say use the company website to get training ideas or hop on the conference calls 4 times a week.

Some sponsors will tell you to read self help books and the books of how rich people got rich. This sounds all warm and fuzzy, but all the self help get rich and attraction marketing books in the world won’t do a thing for you unless you have a marketing system.

Online businesses to make money are everywhere, but make sure whichever one you choose offers a turnkey way to effortlessly make sales or bring people into your business. The days of the hotel meetings are long gone. With the Internet there are simply better and more efficient ways to bring people on board.

What’s fun about a hotel meeting anyway? Do you see yourself bringing people to one in your hometown? Are you a professional speaker who can get up in front of crowds to explain and sell your business? Sure makes a system that works from home sound much better doesn’t it?